What you can expect from a career in Public Health

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What You Can Expect from a Career in Public Health?

Public health is a general term which covers a broad spectrum of careers. It has often been said that there is always something for anybody who wants to have a career in public health and indeed, this is true. This is one of the many reasons why it appeals to a lot of people with diverse skills, talents and interests.

There is a wide variety of jobs available to people who would like to pursue a career in public health.  If you are a student entering college or returning to school and would like to enrol in a program which can help change the world for the good through the implementation of sound health practices and the elimination of diseases, public health might just be the best course to take.

It is not a secret that the world’s growing population is demanding more and more workers in the public health sector. Career opportunities in the field are growing and workers are being paid well.

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Upon graduation students if public health will be joining millions of other people who are in pursuit of a good job. In order to understand what they will be faced with after leaving school, here are some insights to the real world of public health workers.

Social workers. There are various job openings in hospitals, family service agencies, nursing facilities and individual service agencies for people who are interested in social work. Their main focus is to bring health services closer to people, especially who need it most but do not have the money.

Health educators. Health educators or those who would like to become one will be very happy to know that there is an expected increase of job opportunities by 26%. Most of the main opportunities are to be found in the state, as well as public health departments.

Statisticians. Most statisticians concern themselves with opportunities in the federal, state and local government. There are also other opportunities in the academe. Most statisticians are responsible for gathering date which can help in the research of various public health issues.

Medical scientists. Careers in this area are competitive and is growing by 20%. This is growth which is faster than the average jobs. Several job opportunities can be found in colleges, universities, research institutes, hospitals and the government.

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Salary Information for People in Public Health

Coming home knowing that you made a great impact on the world and earned a good amount of money is indeed a good thing. People in the public health sector have the opportunity to do both. Not a lot of jobs allow people to do these things. This is why a lot of people want to be in public health and a lot of those who have earned bachelor’s degrees go on to pursue further studies and earn a Master in Public Health degree or even a doctoral. After all, who would not want to earn at least $45,000 annually and go home with a satisfied heart and conscience?

September 28, 2012


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