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The Department of HHPR is focused on diverse aspects of health, activity, recreation, and quality of life. These topics are particularly timely. At no time in our nation’s history have we likely devoted such focused attention toward fitness, sport performance, health, and recreation. Among other activity- and health-related fields, graduates from HHPR will find great vocational opportunity in church recreation, outdoor recreation, exercise physiology, sport psychology, sport management, athletic training, health education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical practice, and nutrition.

The Masters of Science in Education (MSEd) programs in the Department of HHPR prepare students for careers exercise physiologists, sport management specialists, physical education specialists, and coaches. A six-hour core curriculum is required for each MSEd major. Students then specialize in one of four areas (see below).

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program in the Department of HHPR prepares students for careers in public and community health education. Course requirements in this major include core courses in public health and requirements specific to the specialization of community health education.

Opportunities for practicum, internship, and independent study experiences exist for all degree and specialization areas. Each student must successfully complete core and specialty course requirements, pass an oral or written comprehensive examination, and successfully complete a culminating experience, which may consist of a thesis, internship, practicum, or research manuscript as outlined by the specific emphasis area. Additional requirements vary with the area of specialization.

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