Masters in Public Health Salary

Masters in Public Health SalaryThe Masters in Public Health Salary information that you are looking for is here.  Although people who pursue an MPH Degree do end up in many different jobs, we have done our best to summarize the many different salaries available for someone pursuing a Masters in Public Health.  No matter the career path you choose though, someone with a MPH Degree certainly has a great future ahead of them because it allows you to move into many different paths.

Masters in Public Health Salary

As mentioned previously, there are many different jobs that students with an MPH Degree have.  However, we have taken the time to list out those positions along with on average how much those occupations make per year.  Hopefully this will help you understand a bit more about the career paths and salaries for MPH Degree graduates.

  • Biostatistician: Average $72,380, High $112,290
  • Clinical Researcher: Average $80,000
  • Consultant: $77,640
  • Epidemiologists: $69,000
  • Health Educator: $52,310
  • Healthcare Social Worker: $58,620
  • Healthcare Manager: $84,270
  • Health Insurance Advisor: $59,290
  • IT Specialist: $67,920
  • Mental Health Counselor: $39,110
  • Professor: $63,100
  • Substance Abuse Manager: $44,380

There are likely many different MPH Degree career paths and all of these have been confirmed.  However, it is tough to create a list of all the different careers a person with a Masters in Public Health might have.  Finding out a Masters in Public Health Salary is tough simply because of the diversity.  Nevertheless, it is certainly an excellent sign knowing that this one degree can lead you to all of these different disciplines.

MPH Degree Salary by School and Geographic

In addition, here is a detailed overview of potential salaries from schools and geographic areas via PayScale.  This information is for anyone with a Master’s in Public Health Degree.  As you can see, someone who attends UC Berkeley may range from near $50,000 to $145,000 per year.  On the other hand, you can see that MPH Degree Salaries in Houston and New York City are extremely high.

MPH Degree Salary

We also should note that these are ranges from statistics from that website.  Although some of these salaries are possible, it is likely that the vast majority of students will receive the medians as discussed above.  In addition, the work environment is certainly something that will impact public health salaries.  If someone works in a corporate environment then their salary will likely be higher than a person working in a non-profit corporation.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this post and we will be adding to this list with all the new information we receive.  For now, make sure you research our Masters in Public Health Directory for your future degree.  Thank you for reading our guide on the Masters in Public Health Salary.

June 2, 2012


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